Monday, 2 January 2012

feeling about creating my first blog

well.. i felt excited and and confused at first because this was my first time bloging and i didnt know what to do but luckily i had a friend to help me thanks to hm i finally got a blog and i can start bloging.although bloging seems to be a waste of time to many however in sst it is part of our learning as students of sst like myself  can post useful facts and resourse that we ourselves could never know of thats why bloging can be a great way to learn other than reading from books....

My journey begins...@sst

I was shocked at first when i first got the letter but at the same time i was happy because on that day when i took the written test i was telling myself that to do my best for the test as i wanted to study in SST even though if the test was hard and even if i cant i at least know that i did my best and gave it all i had.i was happy because i got the chance to study in sst after going through all tests. secondly i also got to know that some of my friends got in as well.i chose this picture as it represents that i was shocked on the day i had recieved the letter :)